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List of converts to Islam

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[edit] From Abrahamic religions

[edit] From Christianity

Keith Ellison is the first Muslim to be elected to the United States Congress

Yusuf Estes, a former Christian priest, became a Muslim chaplain.[1]

Claude Alexandre de Bonneval as Humbaracı Ahmet Paşa

Jimmy Cliff, Jamaican reggae musician

Muhammad Ali– a convert to Islam.

Malcolm X– famous Muslim convert and civil rights leader

Timothy Winter at Al-Hidayah (26 August 2007)

Chris Eubank British boxer

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  • Franck Ribéry– a French football player. His name after he converted to Islam is Bilal.[39]

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  • Olu Dara (born Charles Jones III in Natchez, Mississippi[1] on 12 January 1941) is an American cornetist, guitarist and singer
  • Omar Bongo – Gabonese, President of Gabon.[103]
  • Omar Pasha – Ottoman general. Converted from Serbian Orthodoxy.[104]

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